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  • K-380

    I have a K380. It has been helpful using on a boat, to clean and remove all the sludge gunk from our pipes. Now we have a dilemma. We broke off a auger in a 1 1/2" pipe, about 10 ft down, past two 90o elbows.

    The K380 has what I believe is a 1/2" cable. Will it fit the 5/16"? And what is the exact size of a 1/2" cable? I measure this one at 7/16", with the steel end being 11/16" So I am assuming this is a 1/2" cable. Does this sound about right? Can this machine use a 5/16" or 3/8" cable and augers?

    And what current model numbers are compatible to order parts from, that will fit this machine.

    Thanks for your help


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    Re: K-380

    The K-380 will run 3/8" IW or 1/2 IW cable. The cable needs to be anchored to the drum to work properly. I would not advise using 5/16 cable in that machine. If you want to run 5/16" cable, I suggest a K-39 or newer K-45 hand held style machine.

    Here's the specs on the IW (integral wound) cables that your machine can run.

    IW (Integral Wound) Solid Core Cables
    Cat. No. Model No. Description Weight lb. kg 3/8"
    87577 C-31IW 50' (15m) IW Cable 18 8.2 87582 C-32IW 75' (23m) IWCable 26 11.8 87587 C-33IW 100' (30m) IW Cable 34 15.4 91037 - Repair End for IW Cable 0.5 0.2 1/2"
    87592 C-44IW 50' (15m) IW Cable 27 12.2 87597 C-45IW 75' (23m) IW Cable 39 17.7 91042 - Repair End for 1/2" IW Cable 0.6 0.3