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  • Piranha Jetter Hose

    I just order some 4,00psi jetter hose from Piranha, Any one use piranha Hose??

    Or which jetter hose do you guys like best?


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    Re: Piranha Jetter Hose

    i use it and like it. if it is green it's better then the red stuff.
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      Re: Piranha Jetter Hose

      i've always made them up from the local hose shop

      I support local business whenever I can, but i'm thinkin about Piranha hoses too.

      The ones I have made here aren't holding up well anymore (blew up my 100ft line TWICE today).


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        Re: Piranha Jetter Hose

        The latest Piranha hose comes with a strong outer cover, possibly one of the best available today but all hoses have their drawbacks somewhere. Theirs is with the inner core, it has been known to collapse especially if run over by a car. Some plumbers rave about it and just as many hate it! I hear it about every hose on the market.

        We find customers rate their hoses by the experiences they have had on the job with them and not on the hose specifications and ability. Not always fair on the hose manufacturer, but that's life! Never buy a cheap jet hose, you have too much to lose. What does a new eye cost?

        Everyone can tell you a bad jet hose story that's why you should ask yourself a few questions before you buy your next hose.

        What is most important to me most of the time when using my jet hose....

        1) Flexability - do you clean pipes most of the time that require the negotiation of many tight bends and traps?
        2) Are you mainly clearing straight runs that require a more ridgid hose?
        3) Will you be using high pressure hot water most of the time?
        4) Is it a problem if your hose leaves a mark on the ground when operating?
        5) Can your hose be repaired by your own hose repairer you carry on your truck, or any hose repairer?
        6) Can you buy joiners for your hose if you burst one in the middle?
        7) What is the flow and pressure rating of your Jetter, does it match the hose?
        8) How will you be storing your hose, will it match the bend radius on your existing hose reel?
        9) Is the hose burst rating 4 x it's working pressure?
        10) Has the hose been thermally adhered together to prevent it from delaminating?

        You could probably add to this list but this is a good start!

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        Regards, Bill

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          Re: Piranha Jetter Hose

          I have been using 400' of their hose on my Spartan Jetter. I went with the 1/2" Orange 3000 PSI stuff since my jetters max PSI is 1600 @ 18 GPM I bought it off of AJ Coleman and have been very happy with it. I did end up losing 20 foot of it due to my own mistake. I let it get loose on the real and the vibration of the hose was rubbing on a sharp edge of the trailer. Ever since then I covered any sharp edges my jetter has to avoid that costly mistake.
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            Re: Piranha Jetter Hose

            Piranha jetter hose 3/8" .97 a foot
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