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KJ-1750 Water Jetter any good for 4" cast iron

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  • KJ-1750 Water Jetter any good for 4" cast iron

    this place i have a job to clean their traps and lines, this place has no grease traps, all contents go directly into the lines, and are heavily filled with grease
    ruffly 135 feet between their clean outs

    for a gas jetter it would need at least 1,500 feet of line to just get to the clean out up on the second floor, up through the fire escape and hall ways, then would have to send it through the clean outs

    was thinking of getting a KJ-1750 Water Jetter and running it after we run the K-1500 sectional sewer machine grease cutter and running the Jetter through the floor drains and other 2" , 3" , 4" traps after sending the sewer machine in

    or is there no hope for a Jetter at this place?

    any inquires will help, thank you

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    Re: KJ-1750 Water Jetter any good for 4" cast iron

    can u set a gas jetter on the fire escape ?
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      Re: KJ-1750 Water Jetter any good for 4" cast iron

      The KJ-1750 is probably the best electric jetter on the market besides the one gorlirtz makes. It does a fairly good job cleaning 2 and 3" lines and a semi OK job on 4". It is an electric jetter so do expect gas performance.

      One of my clients restaurant's main 3" kitchen line got clogged before the grease trap one evening recently so I went out popped the clog with my k40. I inspected it with the see snake and saw the walls were coated with grease. I took the kj-1750 out there since is was in a basement and we didn't have an extra reel for our gas cart jetter. I jetted it twice, and inspected it again to find that I could now see the actual walls of the pipe. It wasn't as clean as I would have gotten it with a gas or trailer jetter but it was clean.

      It doesn't feed itself real fast at all and you have to pull it back really slow if you want the line cleaned well.

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        there are a lot of big electric 240v power washers that can very easily converted to jetters. hook up a set of jumpers to the panel. if you don't know how to do this hire an electrician to show you or to help on the job. i'm licensed both ways + i do drain cleaning. no licensee available here. most plumbers are wussies when it come to electricity. bwark! bwark! bwark! lol. breid...............


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          Re: KJ-1750 Water Jetter any good for 4" cast iron

          I had the k-1750 then I bought custom drilled nozzles from aqua Mole to get the best effect I could and guess what? It hardly jetted the pipes clean and wasted my time using it. I jumped up to 2250 psi and 3 gpm (small gas) and it is just barely enough for me on kitchen 1.5 -2" iron lines.
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            Re: KJ-1750 Water Jetter any good for 4" cast iron

            i keep my 1500/ 2.1gpm for indoor 1/5 and 2'' lines only. 3'' and larger require gas.

            now if you have access to 2 electric jetters then you can double the gpm and possibly have better results. but you need 2 separate dedicated 20 amp circuits.

            gas is a no brainer. is there anywhere you can plant the jetter? a propane powered unit or natural gas unit is much safer indoors.

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              Re: KJ-1750 Water Jetter any good for 4" cast iron

              I had trouble with those little jetters and cast iron when they first came out. if I came from the bottom up with the jetter it was ok, But if I came from the clean out and went down the rust from the pipe would be pulled back and pile up in the line and the water would run good till they flushed the toilet a few times and the paper would catch on that pile of rust. I had to go back and do some free work. On the other hand I use to do a school drain about every two months even with an expandable head as the last cutter, I used the jetter in the farthest clean out using a cut off sub pump hose and a rope to get the hose to go backwards up the line. the line stayed open for a few years after that. I hate to admit it but I wished I would have charged more for the jetting job or got a yearly contract to jet, I lost my best money maker.