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yet another (probably improper) use for the warthog

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  • yet another (probably improper) use for the warthog

    discussion of cast iron scale in a thread in ask the plumbing experts prompts me to post this.

    Not sure how long the bearings will last doing this, but I found out by accident that the 3/8" warthog makes a GREAT descaling nozzle. I ran mine out of oil during a job in cast iron, and it takes off and spins like mad when that happens.

    I had a lot of hose in the pipe, and it took a while to get it back to oil it. This was in a line hung overhead in a park garage, and I could hear the nozzle bouncing around and knocking the walls like crazy on the way back, enough I was a little scared it might even crack the pipe. Knocked all the scale right off.

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    Re: yet another (probably improper) use for the warthog

    hope you had the carbide wear inserts installed in that one.

    just saw the new 1/4'' one at the show last week. that's a high speed unit.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: yet another (probably improper) use for the warthog

      I got a call from a plumbing co. that they wanted me to run the jetter through an over head cast line, The line must have been pushing 100 years old and had rust blossoms every where. I told them the rust was the only thing keeping it from leaking and it needed to be replaced, They talked with the owner and he wanted it jetted so it would drain till they could shut the store down for the winter. The line was straight up for ways till it made a bend and went back to the last part of the line there was no way to take any thing off to get in from above with a cable so it had to be a small jetter. After putting it in writhing that anything that happened to the pipe, the store, people, dogs rats Etc, till H_LL froze over I run the jet lowest psi. softest nozzle and the top came off the cast iron and it opened every blossom. they never did fix it they just called me back when it clogged up because the waste would stay in the pipe when the water run out on the floor I always took a rain coat with me when I done that job till they closed the store down.