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Septic system quote questions

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  • Septic system quote questions

    My dad recently bought a house out in the country that needs a new septic system. He's located in Minnesota and I was wondering what sort of things to look for in the quote he's given. Anything to ask for as far as piping, tank type, whatever to make sure he gets the best system possible?

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    Re: Septic system quote questions

    I would go talk to a sanitarian at your local heath department.

    They know the rules and what contractors they have problems with.


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      Re: Septic system quote questions

      Have some sort of bio filter installed. That is the cheapest piece of insurance there is for a septic system. You can get ones capable of having an alarm attached that way you know ahead of time when it is going to need to be cleaned or you can just clean it every now and again. Once a year usually suffices.

      If they aren't required, install the system with risers to the surface. It makes servicing the system that much easier and cheaper.

      If a pump is required, install the control panel where you can get to it easily, like outside the building and preferably within eyesight of the tank. If the panel uses motor contactors do not mount the thing to the house. It will "clunk" everytime it turns the pump on or off.

      Pipe sizes and what not should be spelled out in the installation code.

      Tank size will have a minimum requirement. Install the largest tank you can afford to. This will reduce pumpout frequency and give you a better effluent quality.

      Have a riser installed over the distribution box. This will give you easy access to inspect the drainfield operation. Monitoring ports at least at the ends of the drainfield lines will do the same.

      Good luck and if you have any other questions let me know. I'm happy to give you my two cents.


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        Re: Septic system quote questions

        What he said ^