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Retrieving 5/16" inner core cable

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  • Retrieving 5/16" inner core cable

    I use Ridgid 5/16" inner core often for tub drains. I've never had one of these cables break that wasn't easy to get to but I figure the day is coming. Any retrieving experience to share? I can picture a broken cable in a second floor tub drain and no way to get at anything.
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    Re: Retrieving 5/16" inner core cable

    camera, find it, assess the situation, make a plan, try it, get it back or don't, if not learn some more about it, make a new plan, repeat.

    Typically I try to pull it out the way it went in, hook it with a retriever on another cable. Sometimes it is better to push it through to somewhere I can get to it another way. I always try to keep open to other access posibilities. For example, I once snaked a tub via overflow and it fell apart behind the tub. Spent a little time trying to put it back together through the overflow hole, gave up and looked around, and found I could pull the dishwasher out in the kitchen backing up to the bath and get through the wall there to reassemble the p.o.s.

    There is a change of awareness/focus I go through on most jobs. On arrival, I try to keep myself open, with a wide awareness, assessing the situation, getting my arms around the extent of the problem, figuring out my best access, letting little clues lead me. After choosing an access I am more focused on the equipment in the line; monitoring it, visualizing it, and at the same time trying to remain open to sounds, other clues that something may not be as I thought, keeping aware of distances and the tentative layout I imagined in my head when sussing it out.

    When things go wrong, it is time for me to back up, take a breath, and let that awareness go wide again, and be open to possibilities I missed on the first pass.

    Hope that helps. Every situation of that type is different, so the best I can give you is the philosophy/approach I use, not a specific technique. Mostly, for me, success there is about not getting flustered and angry, but staying curious, open, and engaged with it. Usually a problem like that is the result of hurry, arrogance, or distraction on my part in the first place. It's a rare one of those that I can't look back at an recognize that I made some mistakes or missed/ignored some clues to get in the situation in the first place.

    ps. 5/16" inner core seems maybe a little stout for a tub trap, but maybe not. I've not tried ridgid's cable. I typically use 1/4". Recently went to drain cables direct, and found their 1/4", while still 1/4", was wound from larger dia wire than what I was used to, and is noticeably stiffer/less flexible. Not caused a problem yet, to my surprise. So two things about that; maybe I'm unaware of how stout a cable you can get away with in a tub trap, and cable dia and core are not the only things determining the cable's stiffness; dia of the wire it's wound from affects it as well.
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      Re: Retrieving 5/16" inner core cable

      If it hasn't gone past the trap you can get it out by spreading out a spring auger head but if it is broke off past the trap that is bad. I sweat it when I go through a floor trap.They use to make a retriever head that was wound so it would twist on to the cable like a twist on repair end and you could just drill it out but now there made to hook the cable and it wont come out around a trap. Maybe someone here knows someone who still makes one.


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        Re: Retrieving 5/16" inner core cable

        best advise is to examine you cables and replace them as necessary. the cables are $30-75 and are cheap enough to replace as necessary.

        i never store my k-39 5/16'' cable in the drum. all it will do is rust and weaken the next time it gets used. i simply remove it in seconds and shake it dry. wash it if needed. then when i need it again, i load the proper cable in 30 seconds.

        this has saved me rotted cables and headaches.

        the sectional machines do this by their design.

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          Re: Retrieving 5/16" inner core cable

          Yes, Keeping your cable lubed helps cable from rusting and breaking.
          I normally replace my 1/4 inch every few months. Best is to not let the cables sit and rust in the drum this will lead to premature cable breakage. Watch out for drum traps easy to flip and get wrapped up in a drain
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            Re: Retrieving 5/16" inner core cable

            I agree with unclognh as for I think I have stoke in wd-40 I always spray cables after each use helps with grease I have learned to buy wd-40 by gal and use spray botl. cheaper that way
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