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  • Growing UP

    Well One year ago we got our start. The city we serve has been good to us and we have been good to them. Demand was high so today we added our 2nd truck and Had the biggest day ever. Now adding that second truck meant alot to me as it had been one of goals from the rip. So I was wondering if anybody else remembers a fond moment they had while growing there business.

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    Re: Growing UP

    Be careful growing so quick. Seen to many people have brief success that they confused with sustained success and gone out of business or have sold out.
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      Re: Growing UP

      Still waiting on my story, when I have 100k sitting in the business account I will have arrived!
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        Re: Growing UP

        DRAINS.....where you at in Michigan?


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          Re: Growing UP

          Had times myself thought it was going to break out and need a second truck. Then the slow season comes every year like clock work.
          "Mud Season" Work comes to a halt. April and May So I just stay a one man show Have had a steady growth over the past 4 years but that mud season always make's me rethink growth. Plus last winter was bad did not have the freeze season I thought I would have had It was a mild winter.
          Every time I think of adding someone on I just factor in mud season and a possible bad winter and that thought disappears fast.

          Good luck hope it works out for you.
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