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Which fittings for swivel body?

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  • Which fittings for swivel body?

    I am in the last steps in assembling my newly built jetter and have run into a snag with the jetter hose reel. I believe they call it the swivel body(90) on the end of the reel which you screw the end of the hose into. It is 3/8" and so I obviously have to use a 3/8" by 1/4" bushing to adapt to my 1/4" Piranha hose. My question is: When the jetter hose passes through the opening in the end of ther jetter reel, what is the best orientation for it? Should it be parallel with the length of the reel? Should it run on a 45 degre angle? Which fittings you guys use to connect the hose with the swivel body? I don't want the end to prematurely wear out. I will be posting pics of it over the weekend...I think it came out great. I even welded up the foot pedal set up to save $250 compared to buying the General foot pedal unit. Thanks again!

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    Re: Which fittings for swivel body?

    typically the swivel reel 90 has a pipe attached to the reel hub and it enters the hub to allow the hose to connect. the reel hub has a cutout that the hose will pass through and connect to the pipe. depending on the angle you might need a 90 or a 45. try to use stainless high pressure fittings as rust is not good for jetter nozzles.

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