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Cell phones and pump basins....

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  • Cell phones and pump basins....

    ....don't mix. Well the pump basin didn't mind much but the cell phone really didn't like it. After I dumped it out of the basin, it was making earie noises like it was dying a slow death. My daughter told me I should have put it out of its misery. It's temporary home now is in the back of the pickup until I dumpster it.

    I went to get the Incredible from Verizon but it's on back order. I ordered it and in the mean time, I'm using one of my daughters old phones she kept for just such emergencies. Smart girl! She's got the phone, charger and extra battery.

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    Re: Cell phones and pump basins....

    I dropped mine into a large lift station at 4am once

    what made it even worse was that I was running the company while the boss and most of the shareholders were outta town

    I was able to recover the phone and put the sim into a backup phone as you did.

    I ALWAYS have a backup phone on the truck after that


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      Re: Cell phones and pump basins....

      I worked a short stint for a cell phone provider as a tech. Trouble shooting issues over the phone. I heard some stories that will make you guys sick.....
      One of which is funny but gross. I got this call from a woman in GA she said that he phone will not turn on. I asked her did something happen to it? She replied that she keeps it in her bra and that it gets very hot down there and "I am a large black woman so I sweat a lot". I asked her to remove the back cover so I could have her check the water damage indicator and sure enough the phone was killed by ......... sweat She asked if we wanted the phone back and could get a replacement. At the time we would just send replacements and you didn't have to jump through hoops like you do today. I told her no, no just keep it and we will send her another one.

      I spoke with a cop from NY on the swat team that had the phone crushed by a bullet when he left it in his shirt pocket then later was shot in the chest. Thank God for bullet proof vests.

      Another guy I spoke with left his phone on his table to charge over night and at 2 am he woke up to the fire alarm and his table on fire. His phone melted and caught fire.

      I have so many more but I wrote my book for the day.