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  • Never rains but it pours

    single family home, on septic, frozen line between house and tank, no c/o, tank not a useable access.

    thawed by jetting from cut line in crawl, repaired with fernco.

    thaw, get drainage, go back in with warthog to remove remaining ice, get stuck.

    camera; thinwall pvc semi collapsed. nozzle has found a way out, but cannot get it back into that path to retrieve it.

    inform ho they need the line replaced, give them a bid.

    tennants move out, turn heat off, house freezes, water lines burst.

    silence (months) from ho on bid to replace.

    inform prop manager of ~$1k of nozzle and cable used to try to manipulate nozzle out stuck in line. they are to contact when dig happens so we can get equip back.

    ho contracts another excavator to do dig, informs prop mgr. mgr keeps in contact with excavator to inform us so we can be on site. excavator never gets green lighted... all on hold.

    ho hires third digger, does not tell anyone, blindsides everyone. job is done, line abandoned. digger got cable back, but broke hose pulling on it, said the heck with it, and moved on. warthog still in line, trench closed, no way to locate now, ~4' deep and I'd go dig it by hand just to get the nozzle, but with no locate it's not worth it, and renting a machine and spending half a day not really worth it.


    I'm out ~$800 of nozzle, which I could get back for about $300 of hoe rental and half a day.

    Or I could roll the dice and dig by hand for a hobby (I do need the exercise).

    Or I could just bill the ho for it, and make an enemy, and never get paid anyway.

    Or I could just go get my nozzle with a hoe and leave the hole for a 'by the way, screw you too.'

    Or I could suck it up, buy another nozzle, and move on.

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Never rains but it pours

    alex, i would contact the owner and discuss it with them to see what they will agree on. i don't think you have the right to dig without their permission.

    i would either eat it or if lucky split the cost and move on. unless you have a decent idea where to dig, if allowed, you're spending good money on bad.

    really depends on the h/o and your relationship with them at this point.

    did you ever have a locate to go by back then?

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Never rains but it pours

      I give them a bill for the nozzle and hose, and explain to them if they do not pay it you will put a lien on the home.
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        Re: Never rains but it pours

        How do you know that the Warthog is in the ground still? Bill that HO. I just ran my Warthod for six hours. My bill was almost twice what the other guys with no Warthog, but we got the line open. The nozzle looked alot smaller when we were done. Sewer and water outfit that we were working was pissed. What are you going to do. You need to bill them and explain that was the risk of jetting to avoid digging AND THEY LOST.


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          Re: Never rains but it pours

          That is a hard one.Some parts of the country they will sue you for breaking off or getting stuck some places the cleaner can charge for a lost head or broke or bent cable.Try to find what others do in your part of the country maybe talk to a lawyer to find out how things like this go in court, here if you offer to dig up the line and replace it as you were hired to get the line open and that is the only way you can open it since a cable wont do it, then you can charge for everything you lost if you don't offer to dig then you can get sued. I don't replace pipe so if I break something I have to eat it.But now I offer to sub the job out or let them find someone if they don't want my guy. I still eat it sometimes if it is not too much as it is hard to tell how it would go in court. I would be interested to know how the law really is on this at the price of replacement these day we cant afford to lose too much but we cant afford too lose customers ether


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            Re: Never rains but it pours

            went and got it; dug by hand. ho and I are working out something fair; probably he will pay for time to recover it.
            This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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              Re: Never rains but it pours

              how deep? did u find the right spot rightaway ?
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                Re: Never rains but it pours


                pretty much got lucky; had located it previously, all marks gone but had an idea, 3 hrs including running back down to the shop for the jumping jack to compact the backfill on the driveway. Sunday was dead; might as well go get my nozzle. emplyee made it happen; felt guilty as he'd got it stuck. note to self; give that man a(nother) raise.
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                This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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                  Re: Never rains but it pours


                  Thanks for a thought provoking post. I'm glad you had a good outcome.
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