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Electric jetter question

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    Re: Electric jetter question

    ron, have you actually seen that marco machine in action

    the first and last time i saw that marco machine in person, it had next to no action.

    i credit them for the engineering of the machine. but i got to question the person who really thought an electric jetter combined with an electric drum machine would work. when you combine the motor amp loads, i could spit in the line and do just as good a job.

    the snake motor was either a 1/2 hp or 3/4 hp. this didn't leave much for the jetter motor. therefore the jetter nozzle was so small that at the trade show, they plugged up the jets as the water was not ultra filtered.

    had they put real thought into it, they would have had the electric drum motor and a gas jetter pump combined into the unit. then they could have put out some decent water volume and pressure.

    i have not seen a marco machine at a trade show or supplier in over 10 years. i don't even think their web site is up to date.

    had marco had real plumbers and drain cleaners input, they would have been onto an interesting machine.

    ridgid listens to us and our wants and needs

    save your money and stay far away from the marco machine

    phoebe it is