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gpm or psi?

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    Re: gpm or psi?

    Originally posted by jhplumbing View Post
    My one sticking point in buying this trailer jetter is its only 2000psi

    The guys down under (Australia) or running up to 5000psi!
    jh, i just looked over your specs. 20 hp. 2000 psi @12 gpm with 250' of 3/8'' hose.

    honestly, that might be what it puts out at the pump, but it will never deliver those numbers at the nozzle.

    the hose is too small for 12gpm. it will cause a very large pressure drop.

    if you go there to demo it, bring a 3/8'' high pressure tee with shut off valve and pressure gauge. so the tee goes on the hose first, then gauge on the branch, then the valve at the end. then if you have a short hose or nipple to bring the water back to a stream instead of a spray. along with a large bucket to catch the water. warm up the unit and then throttle down the valve and tee at the end of the hose. bring up the psi and measure the gpm. you will be surprised at the numbers.

    the bucket can be measured after a minute and measure. or 30 seconds and just double the gpm results.

    honestly, unless they're giving it away, i would hold out for higher numbers.

    or you could buy mine at 24 hp. 2500# 11 gpm with 400' of 1/2'' and 250' of 3/8'' hose. along with 2 sets of properly jetted nozzles. and 150' reel of fill hose with 300 gallon tank.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: gpm or psi?

      Thanks Rick! Whats the asking price on yours? you never sell tools, you seem to collect them!


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        Re: gpm or psi?

        We use 4300psi and 5000psi jetters (21lpm - 5.5gpm). We drop 700psi over 60m 1/4" hose to the remote mini reel and around 900psi to the end of the 60m of 3/16" drain hose.

        BUT, 3400psi at the end of 60m of 3/16" hose that will travel through tight traps, gullies, toilet bowls etc is very impressive!

        I demonstrated a 4300psi jetter today for a plumber who had never used one before. The Root Ranger nozzle scared the daylights out of him. After he learnt the correct technique of twisting the hose so the nozzle cleans every part of the drain he was very impressed!

        My advice, buy higher pressure, low volume for drains up to 8" then trailer for the bigger stuff.

        We have a special on the Racejet 4300 units at the moment. Comes with the main reel 60m 1/4", mini reel 60m 3/16", nozzle box, 20m whip hose and hand lance for $9,990. Retails for $12,450. Freight would be around $1,500. We have sold over 2000 of these units and only 2 service kits, extremely reliable! They run a Bertolini pump and gearbox.
        Regards, Bill

        The definition of Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result."
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          Re: gpm or psi?

          Bill is our jetter expert!