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  • root ranger sizing

    I have a 8gpm 4000 psi jetter that has 200' of 3/8" hose that will be used as a jumper. I want to add a 100'-150' mini reel and root ranger. What size hose and what size root ranger? i will also have a foot pedal in between the jumper hose and reel. Thanks

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    Re: root ranger sizing

    4000# 8 gpm, you would require a #8 nozzle. but now that you're adding all the excess hose, and an unknown mini hose, they would need to know your inside diameter of the mini hose and length.

    for the 200' of 3/8'' hose, a #8 might be way off with the pressure loss.

    see the nozzle chart to help guide you.

    the best way to determine the right size is to install a high pressure tee and gauge at the end of your jetter hose. then install a high pressure ball valve at the end of the tee. start up the jetter with the valve wide open and measure the water discharge into a bucket for 1 minute then throttle the valve close and build up the max pressure with the max flow. measure the water and compare your results with the chart.

    keep in mind that your gauge at the jetter will still be at 4000# and the one at the end of your jetter hose will be a lot less due to the pressure loss of your small diameter hose and long length with the jumper.

    post the numbers and specs for all of us to see.

    phoebe it is