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    I have a Vactor combo truck with 500' of 1" hose and a 80 gpm pump at 2000 psi. I use far too much water too quickly in 12" lines. What if I added 200' of 1/2" hose to the reel and used 30-40 gpm nozzles at less psi. What kind of results should i expect?? How do i save water and do a great job??

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    Re: Use less water

    80 gpm is huge.

    I rarely do lines over 4". But I have opened frozen 10" mains. I do 5-6 gpm. It takes too long and does a crap job, but I can open a 10" with 5-6, and you've got 80. 80 is like 36" culvert range (or given what the vactor is made to be able to do, hydo-excavating).

    I'd think 20-30 gpm would be plenty for a 12" line. I'd have to look to be sure, but I think 1/2" hose would be on the small side for 20-30 gpm. probably just fine for 20 gpm, on the ragged edge for 30, too small for 40.

    Can you throttle down your machine, or dial down your unloader and bypass some of that 80 gpm back to your tank?

    If so I'd say you are on the right track as you just don't need 80gpm for 12". but if your existing hose moves through the line ok (and it ought to; in 12" you should be in straight shots from manhole to manhole) I don't see a need for the smaller hose. I'd just get a nozzle jetted for 20-30 gpm, run it on the existing hose, and dial down the machine in whatever way is best to cut the flow down. I prefer to drop rpm at the pump to cut flow rather than puking it all over the unloader; why make that thing work, wear it's seats, and burn fuel and make heat pushing water back to your tank?

    Stone Age makes warthogs for bigger machines; look into them. Expensive nozzles but the 3/8" ones I use are well worth it. If I were you, I'd be thinking about a warthog jetted for something like 25gpm at 1500 psi, and you've got 500 psi left to crank it up a little if you want, and all the flow capability in the world to do it with. Stone Age can help you come up with the right specs.
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      Re: Use less water

      TEDEN, you may want to ask your question here

      it's kind of a slow forum so an answer may be a while but you have to be careful when mixing/matching nozzles with that type of pump. Too much water will ware out your pump not enough water can burn it up.

      At $11,000 for a replacement pump I wouldn't risk something that might work.

      I know some guys have a water truck to refill their tanks so the truck can continue working and not have to stop to go get water each time.
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        Re: Use less water

        The high vac guy here has a Vac Con. He removed one of the belly tanks and put a 8 gpm 3500psi unit in its place. It great for hydro excavating and jetting small lines. I would worry about the unloader taking a beating using small nozzles. I would think a bigger pressurewasher /jetter mounted on there somewhere would be the way to go. Cam Spray or Water Cannon would be where I would go to get a bigger self contained unit. On ten inch pipe I think a 10 gpm or bigger with 3000ish psi would be what you need to clean 10 inch.


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          Re: Use less water

          I think a guy needs two or three different jetters to do everyting well?