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  • Bugger

    Just have to vent a little

    I Went on what I thought would be a routine rod job from a catch basin at the back of a house outside today.

    The outlet of the catch basin runs back under the house and through to the city main in the middle of the street. About 80' run total. All 6" clay

    I got the 1500 out and went in with the 4 blade spear first (my usual first run weapon). Couldn't get past about 30', which would put me somewhere near the front of the house. The cable would spin but not feed in, then suddenly would pop through, but get hung up. Smacks of a separation somewhere. This happened 3 times and I was able to get the cable back each time. I pulled out the K-60 and ran the small spear tip through. I got past that problem spot ok, but the cable stalled at about 60' out. Pulled back 1 sewer mouse, no roots. Now I'm starting to think sludge line too.

    I went into the house and into the crawlspace that is over the route of the sewer and found a piece of 3" PVC coming up out of the ground right near the spot where I was getting hung up. I'm guessing that they made some kind of a bogus connection to the clay when they ran the PVC.

    There is a cleanout on the 3" PVC, so I pulled the K-60 into the crawlspace (was REALLY glad I had the 60) and went at it from the clean out. I tried just about every tip I had, augers, spear, C-cutter, spiral cutter. I got the spear and auger out to the city main, but couldn't get a C-cutter or a spiral cutter all the way out. So now I'm starting to think that there's a 2nd problem spot out there too. I pulled back a couple more mice too. Still kinda thinking sludge line from a build up of sanitary products at a bad spot in the line. This is definitely a compound problem though.

    I'm planning to go back pump out the catch basin and run a camera from the catch basin and from the cleanout to try and get a better handle on what's going on.

    Sheesh, what a PITA


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    Re: Bugger

    If you get a chance capture a picture of this when you camera it.
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      Re: Bugger

      Sounds like a Job I was on in the past, Think it was in Riverside. At the time the Owner just wanted me to get the line open and get out, he did not want me to telavise the line at all, even though I was overing the TV at no extra charge.
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        Re: Bugger


        I don't even ask people anymore. On a main sewer I run a 3" C knife down the sewer to just get the line open to some extent. Then I run the camera down to see what's what. Depending on how congested the roots are I either keep running the 3" - 4" C knives, and then bring out the Electric eel 4-6 expanding knife set to do a final cleanup. The customer gets a before and after DVD and can see what if any problems they have with their sewer. Bellies more often than not. The video may add another $50 -$100 to the job depending on how many times I need to run the snake. I suspect this provides better service and more accurate info than is generally offered by other drain cleaners. Most people won't want to spend the $ on a video, but once they see the result they're pretty pleased. (confident the sewer is clear because they can see it is).

        I also normally take the locator out and locate a couple different locations on the sewer. This is so I can practice and gain experience with my locator. (RD7000)
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          Re: Bugger

          Originally posted by geno gardner View Post

          I don't even ask people anymore.

          I would never get away with that around my neck of the woods


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            Re: Bugger

            Going back tomorrow morning

            to be continued.........


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              Re: Bugger

              Sometimes its faster to use the see snake, see the issue and no callbacks. If they pay great if not no no calls backs.