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  • 2 inch cast iron need help

    Lots of good ideas on clearing scale, etc., from 4 inch and larger mains but any ideas on knocking the crud out of a 2 inch cast iron drain? It comes from the kitchen and with a one inch camera we could not get in past the initial bend. It is closed up to about an inch.

    Problem is that this one runs under a concrete slab over to the bathroom to the main. We want to do what we can considering the mess and expense of running a new one.

    Any good ideas are appreciated.

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    Re: 2 inch cast iron need help

    kitchen would be a buildup of grease and scale. either a jetter or a sectional cable or both.

    why so so many engineers from san diego coming onto the forum? nothing wrong with that, just curious if there's a common link.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: 2 inch cast iron need help

      With the jetter, I believe the only way in is through a cleanout in the kitchen going from there toward the main. Is this going to cause problems going that direction?

      A: We are all part of the super secret San Diego Engineer Society. Please keep it between us. (Probably the reason so many engineers from San Diego are visiting is that we have one of the worst maintained water and sewer systems in the universe.)



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        Re: 2 inch cast iron need help

        I use a 1/2 " cable with a 4 blade cutter to get through the first time then go through with as big a head as I can then I have a part of a broken cable that I put several sharp kinks in and run that through, it usually cleans the pipe up pretty clean. If the pipe didn't have a bend it would be a chinch, EEL makes a boiler brush that dose a good job it might make the bend if it aint too bad or you might try a plain boiler tube cleaner. You might try Good way and see if they have something. I seen one guy do it with a rust sanding wheel hooked to the front of the machine but I think he was taking a big chance of getting stuck


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          Re: 2 inch cast iron need help

          I whish more engineers would talk to a drain cleaner before they design plumbing so they could find out what works and what doesn't. I get calls from some of them and from some plumbers and home owners asking if a certain way is better at not clogging then another. I have great respect for them and never charge because I know if something gets clogged I will be the one trying to get a line cleaned that was put in wrong. It may look good on paper but wont work in real life. When I buy a truck or tractor or lawnmower or anything I stop by a mechanic and ask about what kind of trouble they have with it. I have avoided a lot of problems this way.


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            Re: 2 inch cast iron need help

            it can be jetted. you will knock stuff loose which will plug up the line below the nozzle until you get through it to where it joins a bigger line. it will then back up and spill nasty black water which will stain anything it touches.

            this is not a problem if you are prepared for it. suss out where it is going to spill (generally this will be the place you are working from) and place a bucket there to catch it. I prefer using the roughin for the sink to a cleanout as I can attach a straight section of trap tubing to the roughin to bring the spill point a few inches out from the wall so it spills into a bucket nicely.

            you want to use a small jetter, or dial down your bigger one to a manageable flow rate. 2 gpm into a 3gal bucket is manageable. 6 gpm and it will spit and spurt instead of spilling nicely and you only get 20 sec to work before you have to shut down and dump your bucket.

            an alternative is to snake first to get a flowpath for the water, then go back and jet now that your jetting water has somewhere to go.
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              Re: 2 inch cast iron need help

              You guys are great. That is exactly why I am asking guys who actually know this stuff and have done it. (And already made mistakes that I don't wish to recreate!)

              I had a feeling that just running a jetter down from the kitchen would be a disaster if we didn't think it through. We will try to chew up enough of the crud to get some decent flow first and hopefully prevent a black gunk fountain in the kitchen. Although now I know that we should be prepared for that instead of just ramming the jetter down there and hoping for the best.

              I will post the results after we give it a go.

              Thanks again.