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Flue Brushes and the k-60

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  • Flue Brushes and the k-60

    Has anybody used the flue brushes with the k-60 ? ..Got some ideas yesterday after I extracted an 1 1/2" galvanized nipple from an old waste line, Went out to the truck and got my 2" copper cleaning brush cut the handle off and put it in my cordless drill.. got a little dusty but it worked awsome.. Was wondering if the flue brush heads would work the same way but on larger pipes Or are there any uses for the flue brushes when it comes to cleaning drains
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    Re: Flue Brushes and the k-60

    flue brushes are designed for straight copper runs inside heat exchangers.

    you will destroy them if you try to navigate a 90.

    the ones available are 1.5''-3'' for the 5/8'' sectional and 1.5''-6'' for the 1.25'' cable.

    honestly the 4 blade cutter is your best bet.

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      Re: Flue Brushes and the k-60

      what the heck is a flue brush ?
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        Re: Flue Brushes and the k-60

        Here you go.

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          Re: Flue Brushes and the k-60

          Ironic...I was about to PM someone here to ask about flue brushes and their intended uses.

          I might pick a few up for those baffle chambers that are blocked solid on boilers.


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            Re: Flue Brushes and the k-60

            in large complexes they use boilers that have tubes in them and they need to be cleaned from time to time depending on the fuel used in the boiler, in the school I worked at they used motor oil for the fuel in the boilers, and they would have to be cleaned from time to time,

            the picture below is of rolling the tube in to place, but the boiler is similar, the tubes would spring leaks from time to time and for a short time one could put plugs in the tubes, to keep the system up, but after so many were plugged they would have to be changed out, and the rolling process is how they hold them in to place,

            I did not do the boiler work but did spend some time up at the boiler house when he was working on the the boilers, the school had two (there may have been three of them) boilers so one could be down for maintenance and the other working and my guess is at -40 they may have needed both to keep up with the heat needs, it has been 30 years since I was around that equipment,

            at the school they had the brushes on pipes and just slid them in and out of the tubes. I am sure Old Abe would have loved to have a K400 and some flue brushes,
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              Re: Flue Brushes and the k-60

              makes me wish I worked on more fire-tube boilers

              Then I could justify buying a K-60