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Rocks in the drain

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  • Rocks in the drain

    Spent 4 hrs today jetting 3/4 stones out of a 4" sewer line 100' to the city main. My machine is a 4GPM 4000 PSI jetter/pressure washer, I used my degreaser/deicer nozzle (3500 psi with pulse valve on) to push the stones forward because of the 3 forward jets. Is there a better nozzle for me to use in these situations that would take less time?? Jetter and camera got a work-out on this call.

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    Re: Rocks in the drain

    the 3 forward is a good choice for this. but a higher gpm would be the trick. they also make a nozzle with a forward rotary nozzle that would blast that in a heartbeat. problem is you need gpm.

    you did good for what you had to work with

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Rocks in the drain

      And, which you probably know and would have done if you could, it's always better to get acess from below it and pull them if you can. I agree; pushing it's all about volume. I've found it helps to run all the water you can from the building into the line while you jet in that situation to help wash them down.

      Had one where it was pea gravel bedding from a separation at a vertical of a cleanout. It just kept falling in, and I finally had to abandon the cleanout by plugging it below the separtion, then jetting from a lower cleanout, then pushing it to the main, then jetting the main from a manhole and catching it at the manhole. I took three 5 gal buckets of it out of the manhole, and I'm sure I left some in the main.
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