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  • What is the deal?

    I went to a pump job the other day and I see a trailer with risers on it in the driveway. The guys has the masket on the wrong end already. He asked if I have a minute to get the risers on . He has got the covers sort of exposed. I told him we he need to dig out the old covers better so it seals desent. I then tell him the masket is on the wrong end. He then tells me his back is bad. I set the riser with him and charge him for the half hour. I'm all for being a good sport but who thinks a guy is going to hump riser around and dig out the covers for free. For a couple hours labor he could have stay in the house. People price shop, tell you it still too much and then expect an hour labor for free. And to boot on his new 6000 sq ft house he saved a bunch of money on the septic, he says.