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I'm On the Ball ....AGAIN!

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    Re: I'm On the Ball ....AGAIN!

    Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
    We never went back

    I drive by that house twice a week and wonder if that ball is still there. The house was for sale last spring. I don't think it sold though.

    I hate not having closure
    How many balls can you handle being up in the air at once? <--- Bouncing blue balls.
    Time flies like an arrow.

    Fruit flies like a banana.


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      Re: I'm On the Ball ....AGAIN!

      You know, i dont know if this helps to determine what it is, but i worked for a new construction plumbing company for years doing service for them, and they ONLY thing ever ive seen blue in a drainage line was a glued in test plug to put the sewer under test. But then the top out plumbers would come in after it passed, the would remove the string on it and a good 75 percent of the time they would pull the string and rip the string right out leaving the plug there.... i remember those to be a pain in the aZZ

      hope this helps