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Low pressure Distribution system

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  • Low pressure Distribution system

    I will try and keep this a brief as possible. I have a low pressure pipe system that consistes of 2 tanks , a dosing pump and 6- 60' lateral lines.
    Water table is fairly high in my area which puts my laterals pretty shallow. about 12" below grade. I recently had some problems and had to dig up the lateral ends and expose the valves and clean-outs for each lateral. Serviced the system as needed and all is working fine. Valves and clean-outs are still exposed and this is really my two part question.
    On a shallow system like this what prevents freeezing problems in the winter? I have been thru 2 fairly hard Winters and have experienced no problems yet. Our frost line in MO can be as deep as 36".
    I want to use lawn sprinkler valve box's to go over the valves and clean-outs when I back fill the system. This will allow me quick easy access to the valves and clean-outs. These systems require fairly regular maint. to keep them cleaned out.

    My lateral field is downhill from the tanks and fine solids tend to accumulate in the lower parts of the piping.My only hesitancy is the possibility of creating a freezing issue since the area imediatly surrounding the valves will be covered but not buried in the soil.
    Any feed back about this idea would be appreciated. I think these valve box's will work as the piping does not hold water and in theory empties after every pump cycle. Doing this will make the system much easier to service in the future.
    Also in my search for info i came across an addd for a filter that goes on the washing machine discharge to catch lint. Cost for set-up and 1 extra filter was about $150. Any opinions on one of these???

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    Re: Low pressure Distribution system

    Tom, if you are concerned about freezing in your valve boxes, why not stuff them full of loose fiberglass insulation? I don't think that they will freeze since the effluent from the septic tank should be warm and it will be moving. The risers to your valves should drain down when the pump cycle is over so there shouldn't be any effluent in them to freeze anyhow.

    Wash machine filters are a great idea however I have no experience with any of them. You can acheive the same results with a nylon stocking stuffed into the wash machine drain. I would use a hose clamp to secure it to the drain so it doesn't slide down into the pipe and plug it.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Low pressure Distribution system

      Thanks for your input


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        Re: Low pressure Distribution system

        A sheet of 2 inch foam does wonders to stop frost. There shoudnt be much water at the end of field.