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K-39, fountain, roots. and victory

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  • K-39, fountain, roots. and victory

    got a call from a lady with a fountain that wouldn't drain. full of water so i started a siphon and came back the next morning. it had about 1.5" of water standing. pulled off my shoes, grabbed the 39 w/25' of 5/16" and went at it

    at about 7' i pulled back some roots. went in farther and pulled back a 3' string mass of roots. back in again and a smaller mass cane back. i'm now about 12'. next trip in i get this huge ball of roots. it almost won't pull through the pipe. up comes roots, mud, a dead frog.

    i tell the owner that she may just have to abandon/condemn the drain and use a pump to drain it as needed. she doesn't like the idea so i go back inagain. i can hand push the cable to almost 15'. fire it up and catch something. continue to work the cable. when it binds hard i release the trigger and let the drum unwind itself. give a tug and it's eally in there tight. pull harder and it gives way. as i'm retrieving the water does that beautiful "whooooosh" and and it all goes away. she's happy!! i'm happy!!

    recommend a copper root killer, get my check and wish her a good day.

    K-39 the root wrangler
    In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!

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    Re: K-39, fountain, roots. and victory

    good job. what size pipe and material. any changes of direction. only accessible from the fountain side

    too bad you fixed it i was ready to bring the k-60 to give you a hand

    maybe i should go next time to take pictures

    phoebe it is


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      Re: K-39, fountain, roots. and victory

      only accessible from the 1.25" drain hole. i believe a straight run but that's a SWAG on my part. have no idea where the water goes. couldn't find it anywhere. but when it released it did so with a vengeance. possibly a 2" line after the 1.25 opening. could be a french drain or discharge down the hill in the bush.

      used the 39 because of the standing water in the fountain and more control over the machine/cable/fountain wall. otherwise i would gone with the 50's 5/8. if i could have used a 7/8 machine it would be the 75. high profile to clear the wall
      In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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        Re: K-39, fountain, roots. and victory

        Wow, I own a k-39 and never thought i'd be able to get through roots with it but good job. The fact that you just bit off small chunks at a time (of the roots) was probably the secret to your success in this case.
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