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  • working on thanksgiving

    So how was your thanksgiving day?mine? well I got a call from a friend around 10am. A young kid(24) who went out on his own after working for his dads plumbing and sewer repair shop for the last 7yrs. He got a sewer cable stuck in a house main line and spent 2 hrs trying to retrieve it. I got to the house about 10:30am and could tell by the look on his face that this an`t going to be good. He had 60 feet of cable in the sewer from a six inch clean out station, but the city main was only 35 feet away!!!!! We tried every trick in the book for the next hour nothing worked. Time to dig…lucky for him the city main was only 3 1/2 feet deep and in the parkway on our side. We got down to the stub and opened the line up, and right there was his cable kinked and knotted up. Had to cut the cable up to get it out but it was junk anyways. Repaired the sewer and backed filled the hole in record time. Went home showered and took the family 3 blocks to my sisters for dinner. the kid cant stop texting and calling me thanking me for my help, I told him to remember this day, as one day down the road he might get the call to help out a friend and that’s what friend do.
    Happy thanksgiving

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    Re: working on thanksgiving

    My helper got stuck about 200` out the other day. After trying about every thing the Roto Rooter guy stopped by to see what was going on and he and the home owner helped me pull the stuck cable Talk about a walk of shame


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      Re: working on thanksgiving

      I got a call Wednesday nite from a friend at
      work his American pro-line water heater was
      not heating offered to go over on Thanksgiving
      but ordered new parts from American that will
      not be in till sat,
      going over then to do burner & gas valve retro fit !
      Because I am disabled he will be doing the work while I supervise
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        Re: working on thanksgiving

        Great job!.......but,


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          Re: working on thanksgiving

          job well done great job
          SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME


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            Re: working on thanksgiving

            didnt have my camera or my phone with me. i only had my work phone with the broken camera . i thought i would be there for 30-40 minutes tops....


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              Re: working on thanksgiving

              I ended up changing out a 180 gallon hot water storage tank the day before. So I think that burned off all my getting calls on Thanksgiving. Normally around 7pm our phone used to ring off the wall with plugged kitchen sinks. I was all set to go out there with my Ro-Pump (for garbage disposal caused stoppages) and my Eel Model N for the longer runs.
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                Re: working on thanksgiving

                phone didnt ring once today!!!most black fridays iam working like a dog...


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                  Re: working on thanksgiving

                  I did get to work on my wife's kit drain on thanksgiving .
                  She just keeps cramming stuff in there just to get me out of my chair