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i now have 3 reverse 7/8'' augers

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  • i now have 3 reverse 7/8'' augers

    it could have been worse did a basement toilet stoppage that the bathroom hasn't been used for over 10 years. first i tried my 1.25'' timberwolf, but it was too stiff to make it through the 4x3 closet bend, 3x2x3 heel outlet and 3'' comby in the first 2'.

    so i chose my k-60 with 7/8'' reverse auger. the first pass was a monster of roots in the first 7' so i figured i'll go in for another bite. unfortunately i took a bi bite of approx 14' and got stuck bad. wouldn't go forward or reverse let it sit overnight with some soap.

    came back today with a few tricks and i managed to destroy 1 cable after i torqued it all the way and beyond not with my k-60 but with my general rt.66 and the clutch got stuck while still engaged.

    fortunately the cable twisted in half with 3' still outside the drain. used my ridgid 24'' bolt cutters to cut it off clean and reinsert it into the rt66.

    after another 1/2 hour of forward and reverse, i managed to get the cable free my reverse auger was in perfect condition and now i have a 4; auger with male end and a 11' auger with female end to go along with my original reverse auger.

    ran my microreel and located a good spot for a 2 way c/o at 16' in and 5'2'' deep outside.

    this is what happens when you ignore the plumbing for years and years. the same house i had to jet 6 weeks ago after 3 of the 4 toilets were plugged solid with roots. the basement i figured i'll come back too.

    phoebe it is

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    Re: i now have 3 reverse 7/8'' augers

    Rick, Are you using the eel cable with your timberwolf? Or the General 1.25
    that has the same attachment as eel. Eel has an arrow head that will make those turns and kick the snot out of hard root stoppages.
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