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Contest: Your toughest tub drain.

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    Re: Contest: Your toughest tub drain.

    Originally posted by UnClogNH View Post
    I take it you like your water ram? Comes in handy

    Yes, used it yesterday too. Had a floor drain trap blockage. 4+ inches of clear water in basement from the water softener. Pumped up to 30 psi and pulled the trigger, POW !!! Down she went

    Even though I probably could have walked away I then removed the cleanout plug and rodded the line without being under water


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      Re: Contest: Your toughest tub drain.

      Originally posted by geno gardner View Post
      Ace, I once blew the overflow off the tee when I used too much pressure with the ram. So be careful.

      If you're going to use a kinetic water ram I suggest you plug up the overflow, and also the overflow in a sink if you're doing a sink. Otherwise you'll certainly be getting a smelly, wet, surprise. If there's drain cleaner involved, maybe even a dangerous surprise.

      Yes, you have to be very careful. Plug any vents/overflows with a wet rag and check for back to back or other near by fixtures and plug them also.

      Unless I know it can take the pressure I start out at 5 to 10 psi then slowly go up by 5 psi. I have never went over 40 psi, that was on a old basement washtub that was full of lint and rust chips.

      From my experience most tubs/small drains can be cleared by not going over 20 psi.

      NEVER going to use it when drain cleaner is in the line !!!