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the night before christmas

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  • the night before christmas

    what are friends for the whole house was backed up and i had a noon christmas party to get to at the hardware store
    so when your friend is up to the rim with the yule logs and you're the only one that can get it done, who you gonna call

    last time i was there for this was over 10 years ago. but i remembered that it was a difficult job as the 3'' wall c/o was too small for the 6'' root stoppage at 98' away. but i had a party to get to
    so i break out the timberwolf 1.25'' sectional with a 2.5'' cutter into the 3'' test tee and away i go. 98' was the problem. the bigger problem was pulling the roots back out the 3'' line but i had a party to get to

    so i looked for soap and found a variety of it including saddle soap.

    started to flush it down and was using the reverse gear to rotate out the mop of roots on my cable and cutters. not only did i cut out some roots, but i cleaned up good too

    so i need to go back after new years to camera the line and probably locate a 4'' line in the grass to install a 4'' ground c/o. or i can try jetting from the 3'' wall c/o since the line is flowing free of yule logs
    not bad for 1/2 price straight time too


    a little soap and wall is still clean

    some roots and soap.

    more roots and soap and cuttings on the wall.

    lots of roots and soap.

    the smell of success. and i still cleaned up good. since the wall had soap on it, all i did was use my push broom and water to wash it all clean.
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    phoebe it is

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    Re: the night before christmas

    i'm going to have to get some 1.25 cable and try that rick. that would be handy sometimes.


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      Re: the night before christmas

      I'm so jealous that you have these cleanouts now and again. Where I'm at there is never a cleanout.

      Usually crawlspace. Maybe a cleanout there. Maybe not.

      Lines that are older that would need service NEVER, EVER, have a yard cleanout or a cleanout above the subfloor.

      I want some 1.25". Just don't know if I'm strong enough to carry it.



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        Re: the night before christmas

        jc. the sections i use are 10' innercore and with the right twist, you can loop it 2 fold and carry them around your shoulder

        40' fits nicely inside a motorcycle tire and then roll it to the job.

        i hand carry 30' with 50' cord and timberwolf with 4x6 ridgid expanding cutter to a job every month to clean out 2 mains into the city main with ficus roots.

        the ground level one is a 30' run and the garage level run is a 20' run.

        i was doing it every 6 months, but the building wants it done monthly for some reason

        i document my times on the garage exhaust venting


        problem is more from the city main than their lateral.
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        phoebe it is


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          Re: the night before christmas

          jc. i'm like you. no clean outs in yard. to me that is a blessing. ho can't rent a machine and do it themselves as easily. the harder they are to get to the better i like them. breid..................