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  • septic question

    bought a house built in 64'...
    I'm the 3rd owner... the previous owner lived 7 years in the house and never had the septic tank pumped out...Ive been here 3 years and havent
    had it pumped out..

    do you think I should have it pumped out?

    no problems so far and I use rid x every month...

    my neighbor says he never had his pumped in 13 years and has no problems and my other neighbor has his pumped every 3 years...

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    Re: septic question

    yes have it pumped if you care about your drain field,

    yes the bacteria eat and reduce the solids, but in time the solids they can not be reduced any more and build up as sludge and scum, and when the two meet they work there way out into the drain field and if makes a very effective soil seal,

    some reading for you,

    do your own search on the net for septic tank maintenance. If you do not like the ones I posted,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      Re: septic question

      pump it, pump it, pump it. you don't have to change the oil or tune up your car. it will run for years like that. i personally know someone who did this with a brand new caddy. dealer took it to auction. as fram man says "you can pay me now or pay me later". breid..............


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        Re: septic question

        I've jetted drainfields at houses where they used rid x every month. Most house holds DO NOT need any additional bacteria. Everytime you flush the toilet you are adding bacteria.

        Pump your tank regularly and skip the bacteria.