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Best to use biodegradables and no antibacterials?

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  • Best to use biodegradables and no antibacterials?

    Should homes with septic tanks avoid certain products?
    Any examples?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Best to use biodegradables and no antibacterials?

    Obviously antibacterial products kill bacteria. Bacteria is what makes your septic system work. I don't use anitbacterial products in my home. Powdered detergents are a no no. They can and will plug up your inlet baffle and will make a solid mass that is a pain in the butt for pumpers to remove. Some pumpers will leave it in the tank taking up usable space. Heavy bleach use will kill bacteria too. Although not avoidable, heavy antibiotic use and chemotherapy will kill bacteria too. MODERATE paper use is acceptable. Keep all other foriegn objects out of the tank. Don't use a disposer either.

    If you have to use these things, or you have someone on chemo or antibiotics then you might consider adding bacteria. Check with your pumper for guidance. Don't blindly follow the recomendations of tv commercials. Furthermore find a quality bacteria product to use. CCLS and Lenzyme are good names.

    Too much bacteria can actually be detrimental to your septic tank function.