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  • new member and willingness to learn

    hello, ive been in the hvac and oil heating field for about 7 year. for the past 2 year ive been a plumbing apprentice. I do a lot of maintenance for 10 motels on the night and weekends. they been asking me to do the drain cleaning for them for a while, use the drain machine at work quit a bit. At work we use drum machine, but ive reading a lot on the ridgid forum and i like the K-60. I order one a week ago and i have it now. i got the 7/8 open wind cable kit to start with. was wonder if there was any trick to it? and wont to get the 5/8 cable for it to do 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pipe size. what would be the best cable type to go with. also I hear from some people it better to make your own cable by getting 5/8 by 100' cable and cutting it up any thought on that?
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    Re: new mumber and willingness to learn

    there are tons of tricks and tips on the use of the k-60 sectional machine. just do a search for k-60 tips and tricks. lots of reading.

    as far as the 5/8 x 100' cutting and making your own cable, that's a new one for me

    problem is the drum cable is not an open wind cable. plus by the time you buy the connectors and weld them on, you're looking at some big money. along with the fact it's no longer a flexible cable that will navigate a 1/5''-2'' trap. so my answer is buy the 5/8'' open wind. it comes in 3 different winds and flexibility.

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      Re: new mumber and willingness to learn

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        Re: new member and willingness to learn

        thanks for the info , from what ive read on the site your an expert on the k-60 its good to talk to someone who has used the k-60 in the field