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Are there really Three Rootranger Nozzles to choose from?

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    Re: Are there really Three Rootranger Nozzles to choose from?

    I feel hijacked ...Ha ! Tom


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      Re: Are there really Three Rootranger Nozzles to choose from?

      Originally posted by Magic Touch III LLC View Post
      I've been reading up on the Rootranger Nozzle..I just feel it works better for lower GPM applications along with ease of maintenance and much less $$$$ than the Warthog...... I have found that they are available in several configurations.. The normal R3000 then the R3000 with front jet..Then you have the Large Rootranger and Double Barrel Rootrange from Jetters Edge... I have decided to purchase a 7GPM or 5.5 GPM...4K PSI..Portable Jetter w Onboard 12 Gal Tank... from American Jetter...Which of the above Rootrangers do you feel will work best for me on the 5.5 Gal and then on the 7 GPM pumps both with 4K PSI using 3/8" hose.....I will use it for residental lateral work ..mostly 4" transitioning to 6" ..I only will purchase one nozzle but if the larger Rootranger or the Double barrel will be a better choice I'd like to know.... Opinions ? Thanks Tom
      the rootranger is an excellent choice for multiple reasons.

      go with the 7gpm unit and you'll have a little more punch for the buck.

      stick with the single jet and the forward nozzle. 7gpm at 4k is a #7 jet. minus the forward jet and you're probably a 5.5-6 rear jet. bill will know 100%.

      the rootranger is the most bang for the buck when it comes to all out root cutting power.

      used mine the other day on a 12'' dirt/ gravel and root infested storm drain that's been neglected for 30 years. of course i was using the 1/2'' rr at 4000# 18gpm

      phoebe it is