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k-60 clutch control

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  • k-60 clutch control

    ive use the k-60 one so far and got the feel for the clutch a little. notest it self feeds a little going in. I assume its because the open wind cable grips the pipe and pull sitself in. I think or maybe im rong also notest if you don't engage the clutch fully just a nuff to spin the cable with some force it easer to pull the cable into the pipe. dose doing this were the clutch out sooner

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    Re: k-60 clutch control

    I think when you use it a little more you will find that technique to be inefficient.

    Welcome to the forum,how do you like it so far?


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      Re: k-60 clutch control

      you need to fully engage the clutch. slight pressure will create slippage and more wear.

      actually running the motor in reverse will really self thread it into the pipe. forward will actually assist in pulling it out.

      of course there's always the rick reverse auger that will self feed

      phoebe it is