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Roto Rooter in deep doo doo?

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  • Roto Rooter in deep doo doo?

    According to a Kare ll news report broadcast at 6 pm today the city of Minneapolis is investigating Roto Rooter. The city had dozens of complaints about Roto Rooter allegedly informing customers that their sewers which were plugged needed expensive exterior repairs requiring excavation.

    Some homeowners would get 2nd opinions and the next drain cleaning outfit would simply clear the roots from the sewer.

    One example provided was Roto Rooter charging ~$450, actually accomplished nothing, and informed the homeowner they needed ~$5000 in sewer repairs. The homeowner got a 2nd outfit out who cleaned the sewer for $200.

    I looked unsuccessfully for a link so that an accurate recounting of the news piece can be provided. (I can't guarantee 100% accuracy in my recounting of the piece.)
    I'm sure one will be provided shortly.

    Roto Rooter's response is that it was a subcontractor. They claim they are working with the city of Minneapolis to resolve issues.

    A while back I worked for Roto Rooter. At the time I worked there the payment incentive structure absolutely encouraged such behavior. I've never heard anything to indicate the structure has changed. Question, would you rather earn 30% of a $200 sewer cleaning job you do, or earn 30% of a $7000 sewer repair job on which you don't work on at all? (A sewer crew would do the work) There was one drain cleaning "technician" who wasn't a plumber who had a half dozen sewer repair jobs. (collapsed sewers.) in a 4 month period. I didn't see his. But in all the sewers I've cleaned in my life I think I've seen one legitimately collapsed sewer.
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    Re: Roto Rooter in deep doo doo?

    A comment on the broadcast news piece saying 54 new complaints came in may be a response to the newspaper.
    Time flies like an arrow.

    Fruit flies like a banana.