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Drain cleaning is a 2nd shift job.

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  • Drain cleaning is a 2nd shift job.

    Pump and pms in the morning. The drain cleaning calls always seem to go from 2 till 10.

    My new plan is to open a day care. All teachers in Wisconsin think they dont have to work anymore. They need to spend a day under a frozen trailer or jet a manure line. I wish I had took a another typing class. I would be back to work by now.

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    Re: Drain cleaning is a 2nd shift job.

    Gov. Walker ran on a platform of a balanced budget...stated he would have to make cuts. and thats why he was elected in large part.....Now the State Workers dont want to increase their copays of Ins. and pension.. ( Many people I know dont even have health ins and those that do pay out the ying yang for it..Pension? Whats that? 3 Months off in the summer? 2 weeks off at Xmas? and a 10 day spring break?) And they are bitching? Give me a break they dont even live in the real world..State Teachers low pay? I dont think so... my Niece is a teacher and she makes 67 K a year.....State Workers want to bargan....How can you bargan with a boss who is broke? In fact, if the State of Wisc. got an extra 8 Billion dollars they would still be broke.... The State Workers boss isnt only broke it is BILLIONS in debt... So whats to bargan? Wisc. has no money.. Then the State Workers dont show up for work and the Democratic Legislators run and hide in another state to prevent a quorum...If the State Workers cared you would think they would understand that the borrowing has to stop...Do I feel sorry for state workers? Hell No... Is it a shame that they dont even show up for work? Yes...And the Legislators running away? Thats an embarrassment....Tom


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      Re: Drain cleaning is a 2nd shift job.

      Remember the politicians who bolted next election.
      Time flies like an arrow.

      Fruit flies like a banana.


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        Re: Drain cleaning is a 2nd shift job.

        I cant run to IL everytime something dosent go my way. May I can hide out at Rons.