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My Pipe Burster finally Got Here

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  • My Pipe Burster finally Got Here

    I finally got my Tric Tools Pipe Burster yay! It is a 30 ton 4" to 6" system. With additional cables and heads to do water mains as well. It is a refurb from Tric Tools. It came with the red hydraulic unit on the motorcycle lift that can do 10k psi but low GPM. These are different then a lot of systems as they are high psi capable, though most bursting is done at around 2000 psi. The stanley hydraulic unit is one I use to run my hydraulic pumps, cement saws and Jackhammers. It is only 2200 psi but 8 gpm. So I will use it to do the pulls because it will be faster and if I get into anything that needs more psi I will switch to the Tric hydraulic unit. Now if this year rolls my way I can get a Pipe Liner from LMK and I will be set!
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    Re: My Pipe Burster finally Got Here

    I'd love to have a bursting set up, but not much use for it here.
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      Re: My Pipe Burster finally Got Here

      Looks like your doing well
      Hard work is paying off


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        Re: My Pipe Burster finally Got Here

        cuda, don't know what happened to my original post but the math doesn't work out with the low pressure on your small diameter pistons.

        my 40ton unit puts out 40,000# per piston. mine runs at 3000# max psi. but i have gotten it down to approx 1/3 or 1100 psi. so the pistons are pulling at approx. 14,000# each or 14 tons total.

        your 10,000 psi unit puts out 30,000 per piston. or 3.000# per 1000# hydraulic input.

        all things being even, you need soft soil and approx 14,000# per piston. that would equate to 4700psi on your puller. remember your's is high pressure low volume displacement. mine is low pressure high volume displacement.

        mine's 40 ton and your's is 30 ton. not sure what your soil is like, but mine is typically clay. i inject water to soften it up. otherwise i'm around 1800 psi hydraulic pressure.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: My Pipe Burster finally Got Here

          I wanted one since Rick first showed off his but then he talked me out of it. But as I did more and more sewer repairs and completes I found digging even with a excavator tore a lot of stuff up and I kept thinking about the burster. Now days I do a lot of footing drains and rain leader lines and have a lot of plans for this machine. I have also added some moles to our fleet a 2.25" and a 4" Grundomat. When I get my liner I will be able to handle customer jobs using whatever fits best or a combination of many different underground tools.
          None of the underground tools are cheap so I have to plan my purchases to the jobs that come my way (Or miss out on). Funny thing is now days I don't care about a lot of my hobbies anymore I just want things to make me be able to not turn jobs over to others.
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            Re: My Pipe Burster finally Got Here

            Yea Rick I remember your water trick you told me, I made up some plastic hard tubes and some soft plastic lines with tee's to use with a timer if I run into anything I feel needs to be soften up. I plan on using it to inject water in a spot that has a belly that I feel might hurt the preformance of the final job. I was told if you inject a lot of water over the belly area then use a larger bursting head that the dirt would fall below the new pipe and can reduce the belly. We will see lol.
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