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  • You Just Never Know.........

    I had a call yesterday for a backed up sewer located in the middle of town. It was a corner house with the front side 65' from the city main and the side of the house was 150' from the city main. The cleanout was located on and going out towards the 65' front of the house. There was a manhole located just in front of the driveway so I was being careful not to over shoot the cable.

    I spent an hour and a half trying to open it up. I tried everything I could think of. Rodding with different cutters, blow bag, etc... I finally called the city to have them check their lines. Popped the cover off of the 65' side and it was a dead end

    The sewer ran out the other way, I had to run 150' to open it

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    Re: You Just Never Know.........

    I had a job like that. Had to pull the water closet and it went out the front of the house and the sewer was across the street, which was 130' away. We went in 150' and the line was not opening. We called the village and they told us that home tied in the sewer across the street. So I decide to see whats going on and put a locater on the rod, as I traced it coming gout the front of the house, it turns right runs across the driveway to the side of the house and turns again and head back towards the back of the home, once I seen that I knew it was going to the sewer on the side street there. Took the rod out added extra cable took over 180' to get the line open. The line wrapped all the way around where if they went out the back of the house in the first place the line would of only been 60'.
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      Re: You Just Never Know.........

      Sounds like a job I did cleanout...cut one in by crawlspace opening and extended up to opening...cable hundred foot to get was flowing but still held in clean-out (was overflowing before with water on)....guy says in comes out the back of house and goes around back out to the front street...had to run spear head, then single three 3" blade, then double 3" blade, up to 4" double blade....still hold water with water on....go out to manhole, main is 2 foot deep, and at the house it comes out about 3' deep...turn out it goes straight out the back down a utility easement down the hill 175' to a different city main....get to go back later this week with more cable and keep on trucking!!! See it not just you...other people get crappy information too!!
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