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Time to get edjumacated!

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  • Time to get edjumacated!

    I'm heading down the valley to Eugene tomorrow for the O2WA conference. As vendor relations chair, I've got a busy day getting people settled in thier booths not to mention and impromtu board meeting before hand.

    I have a commercial holding tank to pump tomorrow morning before I go. I was going to do it today but my first job turned bad, then I got two more and ran out of time. Hopefully tomorrow morning will go smooth.

    I may post from the show, I may not too.

    See ya later!

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    Re: Time to get edjumacated!

    that sucks

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Time to get edjumacated!

      That never gets old. I must hear that twice a week.


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        Re: Time to get edjumacated!

        I'm back from the conference. We had a last minute rush of people sign up to attend, which is great. Two weeks ago we had 35 people signed up. We topped 200! We also had 27 vendors, including Spartan and Trade Tool and Ken with Ridgid. Thanks for making it. I know these guys were wiped out from Kentucky and they came out to play with us too! It was great to have some different stuff to look at this year. You can only look at so many ATU's, septic tanks, distribution boxes year after year.

        I'm officialy on the O2WA board now. We have several members who are looking to shake things up a bit. It's going to be a great time to be a board member! One of my agenda items is to push for pumper certification. We have certification for o&m and installers, pumpers need continuing education as well.

        I'm ready to go back to work with renewed enthusiasm!