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    Re: Electric Eel Model C

    Originally posted by AssTyme View Post
    What is the weight difference between the 1.25" 1/2" Eel inner core and the J cable ? It would be nice to get an actual weight on a 24' section of each.

    The 6' sections of J cable has to be just as strong or stronger than the General inner core 7/8", no ?

    I'm thinking about the possibility of buying the J kit and spinning with a lower powered drill in 4" mains up to 100'.

    Tell me why this is a bad idea ???

    I can't speak for the General cable as I don't use it, but my J cable has served me well. Beleive it or not, it is my go to when I have to snaked through 2" roof vents or outside kitchen sink cleanouts(2"). I have Snaked 3"-4" sewer with the J Cable before, but would never grab it over the 1.25", unless I had no other choice.

    BTW, I use the same drill for the 1.25" that I do for the J cable, so no need to get a smaller drill. Just be careful and you will be fine with your DW124 or whatever your using now.
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