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Buying cable off E-BAY

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  • Buying cable off E-BAY

    Has anyone bought there cable off E-BAY? Was pricing cable today called cable center and EEL and prices have went up quiet a bit since my last order. Checked on E-BAY and can get same 3/4 general I/C cable with shipping for $242.81, cable center wanted $ 285.00 shipping not included, EEL wanted $329.70 before shipping Has any one bought there cable through E-BAY any problems ? ALL new cable.

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    Re: Buying cable off E-BAY

    Seems everything is going up. I look at ebay all the time maybe find a deal
    here and there but never bought cable. Did score a new k60
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      Re: Buying cable off E-BAY

      I bought a cable from ebay...I made sure it was new, that the model number of the cable was correct, and that the feed back was 98% or problems was in a factory box and everything...was told it was last years new stock...
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        Re: Buying cable off E-BAY

        I bought a general cable off ebay once......but today I just received three delta victorian roman tub trims less handles and three complete delta tub and shower valves with pancake showerheads and handles......I paid 220.00 for all of it delivered. All chrome finishes.....anyone want to see pics? PM me if you want my connection