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  • Ridgid K-750

    I have a Ridgid K-750 machine thats almost 7 years old.... works fine except the power-feed is starting to stick....... hard to move from drive to retrieve. ordered new bearings however I can't seem to figure out how to get the old ones out of the power-feed assembly....... can't find a detailed IPB anywhere showing details........... HELP

    Thank you in advance,
    RDP (RicharddaPlumber)

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    Re: Ridgid K-750

    try here page 2.

    the feeder pins are hard to get out if you do not lube your assembly often. It will come apart with a bit of work but be carful on part # 10 the screw head will strip out very easy

    just my 2cents
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      Re: Ridgid K-750

      Thank you......... I couldn't find this info...... whatcha expect from a fishin' plumber...... Thanx again.



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        Re: Ridgid K-750

        First you have to remove the retaining ring (16) on the back of the autofeed. Then the rear cover slides right out. Be careful because there are 3 springs in there that will probably want to pop out.

        Then unscrew the actuator pins (12), push the rollers inward toward where the cable would normally be. This removes the tension on roller holder cams (10) which can now be removed. Now, the roller holders come out. I'm sure you can figure it out from there.

        While you have everything apart, take the time to clean it out well and lubricate everything. I've attached a picture showing how to put the springs back together, too.

        Hope this helps.
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          Re: Ridgid K-750

          are you sure you work on these machines

          look at those hands and figer nails


          phoebe it is


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            Re: Ridgid K-750

            If you are going to take the trouble/time to take pictures and write up the repair sequence, well IMHO, it deserves to be a sticky. I suggest an Equipment Repair section.