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Root ranger front nozzle

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  • Root ranger front nozzle

    Heard the new ones have a port to put a nozzle in the front. Anyone have one and if so what do they think about it?
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    Re: Root ranger front nozzle

    where have you been hiding they've had a removable allen head screw for quite a while now. metric fine thread

    not sure if they have different size orifices available. but the one i have is too small. the root ranger head is a mass of stainless and is a wing/ wedge shape. the little jet is not large or powerful enough to blast a clearance hole through roots to allow the rear jet to do it's magic.

    now keep in mind this is when you have a full blown root stoppage.

    it might just be that the original 4 gpm/ 3000 psi root ranger nozzle can't sacrifice too much forward water. probably less than 10%.

    but with my higher output jetter,/ 5.5 gpm i would like to go with 20% forward and a 15% fan spray in line with the body to cut out a slot for the body.

    with my 1/2'' rr i have 18 gpm that will destroy anything in it's path. the body is not drilled for a forward jet, yet. that unit i would like a #3.5 15 degree nozzle in front.

    bill, is there such a jet you offer?

    can the body be drilled 1/8'' npt and still retain a recess / countersunk for the jet.

    i can be the test dummy

    phoebe it is