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  • K-50 Score

    Scored a this K-50 on ebay. $355, used 2x.

    Now I need cables. What cables do you guys perfer? I'll mostly be doing showers / kitchens and the occasional 3-4" waste line. I was thinking of 60' of each (c-9 and c-8). I also need a A-17 drum adapter and guide hose. If anyone has one they want to sell pm me.

    Once I get this baby tooled up no more drum machines for me .

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    Re: K-50 Score

    8 sections of standard.
    I have a couple c-9s to boot
    all three sizes of four blade.
    And a drop head...Carefull with using this one.Pin breaks easy


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      Re: K-50 Score

      check pm
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: K-50 Score

        ray, the c-8 will be your cable of choice for the 2''showers and laundry drains, along with 2'' cleanouts.

        the c-9 heavy duty 10' cable would be a good choice on the 3'' and 4'' lines, but i prefer the 7/8'' and k-60 for the 3'' and 4'' lines.

        the 4 blade cutters are a great all around cutter, and auger is a good one for tight turns.

        don't forget the rick reverse auger for when the going gets tuff. that's the one cable, cutter that gets it done when all else fails

        lets hope that you're k-50 doesn't get lost in the mail. hope it's not shipped by the post office

        phoebe it is


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          Re: K-50 Score

          What Rick said ..Good score on the 50
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            Re: K-50 Score

            Rick or anyone else that may have it

            Could you post a pic of differences between the c-8 and c-9 cables?
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              Re: K-50 Score

              Originally posted by Will Rogers Plumbing View Post
              Rick or anyone else that may have it

              Could you post a pic of differences between the c-8 and c-9 cables?
              the c9 is 10' long c8 is 7.5' long. the c-9 is stiffer. otherwise they look the same.

              the c7 is a closed wound cable. stiffer than c8 bit more flexible than C9. i use the c9 or c7 as a leader on floor drains, 2" lines that go to 4" underground, etc.