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    Re: Jetter Safety

    Large jetter injuries often lead to fatalities because of the heavy nozzle on the end of the hose striking the operator in the head.

    I am very passionate about jetter safety and have made several videos and written safety articles on the safe/correct use of HPWJ equipment

    Here is a static web page on our site that is vital to a medico if you have an injury. It is also printed clearly on the back of our medical alert cards

    I designed the remote mini reel to protect jetter operators and recently the Jetter Safety Plate that prevents the hose coming back on the operator.

    We all need a reminder of just how dangerous this equipment is every now and then to prevent complacency. Check out these injury photos

    6.5kg Safety Plate with breather holes and guide hole

    Remote Mini Reel - one man safe operation

    Medical Alert Card

    Remember, familiarity breeds complacency, don't become a another victum.

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    Regards, Bill

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