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  • 3" to 4"

    Often the access points are three inch clean outs that eventually turn to four inch laterals. When augering for roots in the four inch, what is the best cutter to get all the roots out. Often I find it very difficult to get the last bit of root because of using a three inch cutter. I am close to getting a jetter as I think this will do a better job in the three to four inch lines. One problem with jetting, there is a fair bit of orangeburg pipe in our area, and I think this could be a problem with a warthog nozzle. Thanks for the advise.

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    Re: 3" to 4"

    expanding cutters are 1 way, but they tend to be a finishing cutter.

    but a 3'' pear cutter with a slight bend at the last few inches of cable will create an ecentric and scrape the 4'' walls pretty good.

    phoebe it is