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Jetter nozzles

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  • Jetter nozzles

    looking for a 3/8inch nozzle to use on a 6 inch sewer line at a customers shop.the line gets blocked up every 1 to 1-1/2 years with a massive 20-25 foot blockage of paper towels, tampons and baby wipes. last time out i used my warthog@8gpm-3500psi. it was a ***** to open and iam looking for a little bit of back saving nozzles. i have to jet from inside of building out to street....rat

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    Re: Jetter nozzles

    The 3/8 warthog should be a great nozzle for that if you have it dialed in right (correct attack tips to achieve your rated pump pressure)
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      Re: Jetter nozzles

      don't really care for the forward cutting power of a warthog.

      i would use a 3 forward and 6 rear fo pushing the sludge out and forward.

      but if you want to drill a hole and get the line to flow, then a 1 forward and 3 rear will muscle through much faster.

      the warthog is just too much mass for cutting a hole in a plugged up sewer.

      even with my 18gpm at 4000# machine, i'll blast through with a small nozzle to get it flowing first.

      i use a 4 forward and 6 rear to blast a hole the size of the nozzle. then come back in with a rootranger or warthog.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Jetter nozzles

        This sounds like a job for the 3/8" Mustang "Screwdriver Nozzle"!

        Screwdriver 3/8" nozzle features a blade at the front of the nozzle with an offset jet so you can clear most stubborn blockages just by twisting the hose! Also has 6 rear thrusting jets.
        Avaliable in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"
        Made from hardened stainless steel.
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        Regards, Bill

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          Re: Jetter nozzles

          the problem i get with the warthog is that it gets towels and such wrapped up around the head and it stops spinning. it happened 5-6 times when i did that 6 hour jetting job last month. this job is almost the same and i want to get a nozzle in the massive blockage and brake it up quicker..


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            Re: Jetter nozzles

            Why Not run a snake in it to open it up then jet it clean. That's what I do almost every jet job that has a stoppage when work begins.
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              Re: Jetter nozzles

              i would but 20-25 feet of soft blockage,a rod will never open it......rat