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    Re: K-1500 Cable.....

    Originally posted by OLD1 View Post
    So basically my ridgid cables , cutters, etc. are useless if I am setting up a drill setup..or like I was saying can I get an adapter so I can atleast use all my ridgid cutters and get some eel cutters as well
    I use the Ridgid cables because I did not want to invest in another set and have used the 15 foot lengths with a drill. I have purchased four of the trap leaders that are two foot long and use these to make it so that I don't have ten feet of cable flapping around . Normally you can send in the cables via a drill until you hit a blockage then guage how much cable is hanging out and make a decision if you need to take off the last length or add in a two,four,six or eight foot length, so the most you would have hanging out would be 7 feet.

    When you get through the blockage take off the short lengths and put a long length back on until you hit the next blockage.

    With the short lengths is is really great if it is just blockage on the other side of the trap, like maybe only 5 feet.



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      Re: K-1500 Cable.....

      that's the way i do it. but with 10' sections and 2-4' sections. the 10' sections i usually run in 20' and can run back out 30' or more. the 4' sections are super tuff high pitched sections and those can delver the torque.

      i also have a feeder fork that allows you to feed the cable in if it doesn't want to advance.

      i have the 1500, and 2 general 82/88 machine.

      although the 1500 is the k-60's bigger brother. it's also the fat overweight one, i found the lean mean timberwolf is the way to go. and for those real miserable ones that are long runs, ground level, i'll roll with the general. but that might only be 1 time a year. the timberwolf is a couple times a month and the k-60 is almost daily and sometimes 30 times a day

      my original 1500 has a few jobs under it's belt, but my timberwolf has 3 timberwolfs under it's belt. the first one was my dirt drill for water boring. the second one i ruined with my keys into the running fan blade while using on a drain and my 3rd one is old faithful

      phoebe it is