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"No our toilet doesn't leak"

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  • "No our toilet doesn't leak"

    I'm an Advantex service provider. This morning I got an e-mail from one of my sites that has gone nuts over night. Way high water levels. It's a rental house, so I call one of the owners who happens to live right behind the house. I told him what was going on and to ask the tennant if they had a problem with a fixture running or something of the sort.

    He called back a little later. No such thing happend. Okay, I'd better come look at it.

    I got there this afternoon and found a high water mark that would have flooded the house. The tennant said "the toilet was plugged this morning and it wouldn't plunge but after a couple of hours the problem went away. It was weird". Uh huh. Then it comes out that some times the water does run in the toilet and dear wifey had noticed it this morning that it had been.

    Between 3:30 this morning and 2 this afternoon that poor system had pushed nearly 700 gallons through it! It was still overfull! I put it in test mode to let it pump down further, quicker and went on my way, smiling about the bill I'm going to send them.