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We Don't need no Root Ranger

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  • We Don't need no Root Ranger

    My Hydraulic jetter motor with root cutting bits came in. Large is 8" med 6" and 4" small for straight runs in pipe. Really storm drains etc. Will have to see but I wanted jetter nozzle options if the Warthogs or 1/2" Root Ranger where taking too long. Specs are 1/2" hose or 3/4" 18-25 GPM 4000 psi.Name:  22c6b9eac211dfb04022a9a231d92ddf.jpg
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    Re: We Don't need no Root Ranger

    Now that there is some old school root cutters for a jetter. Key is not to take to big of a bite, or the jetter hose will tie itself into a knot. They do work really well though.
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      Re: We Don't need no Root Ranger

      where did you find those at?


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        Re: We Don't need no Root Ranger

        sort of useless here unless i have a manhole access.

        also those need greasing after every use.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: We Don't need no Root Ranger

          We had the same trouble, it you don't flood it with oil or grease after every job it will seize up. Great for straight runs, you can really feel it bites into the roots so you have to hang on to the hose. No good for bends in 4" pipes. Great for pit to pit work. They also jam up quickly with roots and have to be removed and cleaned. Here is a picture of a Warthog removing roots from a large culvert using a US Jetter.

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