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Power Supply For My microReel............

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  • Power Supply For My microReel............

    As discussed in a previous thread my micrReel is almost useless in 4" cast so I'm going to have to fork out around $2000.00 for a unit with a 120v power supply to get the LED's up where they should be.

    What should I get ? Pros and cons of each ?

    LT100 ?
    LCDPak Monitor ?
    MINIPak Monitor ?

    Will I need any extra cables ?


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    Re: Power Supply For My microReel............

    I would demo each one using all of there features. You never know how it is going to work unless you see it first hand. We just have a plain monitor with our minni and it works fine. Good luck I hope the new monitor solves the problem.


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      Re: Power Supply For My microReel............

      I would call your local rep and see if you can use any in the field to see what one works better for u ?
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        Re: Power Supply For My microReel............

        You could mess around with trying to power the reel from a third party/homemeade power source and still use the explorer to monitor and control it. measure the voltage and put a voltage source in parallel with the supply from the explorer? would that be something you'd want to mess with? might blow something up figuring it out. The sonde seems to be toggled on/off by blinking the power, so might disrupt sonde control. certainly there would be warranty issues if you blew something up. I'd be curious enough about why it was happening that I couldn't resist putting a voltmeter on it and checking the voltage at the explorer with and without the reel drawing current.

        Im very curious about what the problem with the explorer is... is it a current limitation in the explorer? it can't take putting enough current through it to adequately supply the lights? or a battery limitation in supplying the power? I guess that question is for if any seesnake guys are reading.

        Work on ridgid to take the explorer back for credit towards the more expensive monitor you need? I don't think that is out of line; you purchased it to do a thing it was supposed to do, and it doesn't.

        if a mini pak will work, then the explorer must record from a vid in din plug, no? if that is true then a used monitor of an older style would work if it had vid outs, which could end up being cheaper than a new one.

        I think anything involving another monitor AND the explorer is going to have to have some thought put into it to not be an inconvenient packaging and cabling mess.

        I went with cs10 for ease of use, convenience, simplicity. Don't have then yet but should have them soon and will review after some time with them.
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          i ain't nobodies groupie. so if this doesn't work as it's supposed to out of the box. per ridgid video what makes you think that anything you do will be an improvement? i'm not trying to jab you here quite the opposite. if you bought a new truck and it only ran 45 mph would you spend the original price again to try to make it right? i think you are being jacked around. like i said i ain't nobodies groupie. the first time you get hammered shame on the other guy. the second time shame on you. if it was me i would bump these threads every day. just me. breid..................


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            Re: at

            frickin groupie
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