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took phoebe on a snake call

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  • took phoebe on a snake call

    went to my nephews 5th birthday party today and phoebe had no problem handling the big snake

    joey got as close as she could with the camera, but didn't touch the critters

    phoebe will make a good traveling partner on my next adventure

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    phoebe it is

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    Re: took phoebe on a snake call

    You are a wonderful Dad Rick, but You,re starting to scare Me! Are You still Married ?
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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      Re: took phoebe on a snake call

      YOU Know Rick I think very highly of you,

      I realize that most of the time the boa is a very docile and compliant being, but
      but why any one would expose there baby to a constricting snake is beyond me, or wrap one about one's neck. (I know they say if it is properly feed there is no danger), but that is your baby, and your neck,
      saw a video (can't find it now) It was similar to this one, posted, of some people playing with a boa similar with a baby and they pass the baby off and the snake latches on to the guys face,

      even a true domesticate animal is or can be dangerous, but snakes are not domesticated, there still wild reptiles, just living with people,
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        Re: took phoebe on a snake call

        Poor Phoebe, you have to wonder how Joey let him do that.

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          Re: took phoebe on a snake call

          I took Keola to a drag strip when he was about 1 to meet some friends. One of my friends(who was a big guy) had his big dog on a chain walking him around. The dog seemd friendly enough but as soon as the boy was 2 ft away, the dog lunged at him. My friend was big enough and chain strong enough that the dog literally cartwheeled in mid air but it made me realize that dog would've moved faster than me and Keola could've had some serious scar damage (in the very least).

          I think a big part of raising kids is hoping everything goes well because they have to learn some life skills at some point no matter what the damage. I took keola on the big viking swing at 6 flags when he was 2 and to small for the seat but I knew I could hold him. We can't protect our kids from everything but sometimes we need to ask is the action worth the risk?
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