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city sewer main rehab with liner

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    Re: city sewer main rehab with liner

    Insituform holds many of the patents in the lining industry. Many companies pay royalties to them to redistribute their technology. Below is a install of a 256ft. 10 inch liner I had installed at a local plant we work at ALL the time. We do a lot of lining there and I worked with a friend of mine who installs mainline liner to get the 10" done. It is a soap factory so the soap residue makes bubbles all the time when we jet anything but it got really bad when we poured the steam to it!

    Companies who install mainline liner can "Wet Out" as we call it, several miles worth of liner at a time and keep it in refrigerated trucks for weeks if need be. It has very little promoter in it which allows it to last a long time when cooled. When steam is added to the inside of the line it cures out in less than an hour depending on pipe size of course.

    These companies are big time operations and require a ton of guys and equipment to make it happen. It is often times difficult too, with having to work in the middle of the street all the time and very deep sewers that aren't in the greatest of shape. This type of work is very challenging but is also very important for many small municipalities with old failing infrastructure. Great pics Rick! Not many people really get to see these guys in action.